Knee pain is a problem which comes with age . When a person gets old , knee problem is the most common among people . Approx. 19% of the total population is suffering from knee problem worldwide . Surprisingly , women are more than men in percentage as far as knee injury is concerned . Speaking of India , nearly 90% people of age between 60 to 65 years suffer from knee problems , which is quite a high percentage . Knee specialist says that it could be prevent by a proper lifestyle and food habits . If a person regularly do normal exercise related to leg / knees every day , his chances to get knee problems are very low . But , once you get the knee problem it’s not preferable every time to do exercise , it depends on the condition of the knee . In such a situation , a method which is attracting many patient is Knee Replacement . 

Knee Replacement is a surgery to get rid of pain and disability from Knee . In this procedure , weight bearing surface are replaced at it’s right place . In general , knee replacement is done for osteoarthritis and other knee related problems like Psoriatic Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis . Orthopedic surgeons often say that if you don’t get the treatment on time for knee replacement it could damage your spine as well . Despite the fact , majority of people couldn’t decide for the Knee Replacement Surgery on time & delay it till the last stage , which deteriorates the situation furthermore. People so worry about Knee Replacement cost in India. It is the big problem because every person can't afford this surgery cost. 

Risk Factors

There are always a few risk factors in surgical procedures , so are in Knee Replacement Surgery . Few risk factors are -

    ⁃    The replaced part (Knee Joint) could be loose and needs to be replaced again in future . It could be fixed as intended earlier . 

    ⁃    A few muscles or blood vessels which comes under the surgical path may get injured . It could bring some weakness or swallowing in the replacement part .

    ⁃    Normal bleeding could happen in some surgeries , which could be the reason of infection as well .

    ⁃    A risk for fracture is always there in knee injury . It could make the complete procedure start again .

    ⁃    Blood clots are possible in knee joints . Which could be the reason for continuous pain and stiffness under knee joints .


Key Types of Knee Replacement Surgery 

Partial Knee Replacement

In this sort of knee replacement , only the part which is damaged is replaced . Only small incision is required for this surgery . It causes less pain and faster recovery in comparison of Total Knee Replacement Surgery .

Bilateral Knee Replacement 

Bilateral Knee Replacement surgery is done when both the knees are replaced at once . That people whose both knees are affected could get benefit out of Bilateral Knee Replacement because it takes less time in the procedures . However , the recovery time is more in Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery and a patient needs more assistance during this sort of Surgery .

Total Knee Replacement 

Total knee replacement is done when your knees maximum damaged and unable to move when a person feels extreme difficulty in following normal daily task , daily activities like in sitting and laying down . Total knee replacement is mostly required in osteoarthritis , arthritis and when it’s extreme knee pain . According to a statistics , the Total Knee Replacement is helpful in pain relief in more than 90% of cases.


Knee Replacement Surgery Packages

Procedures Approx cost In Dollar $
Single Joint Replacement (Knee/Elbow/Ankle/Hip/Shoulder) 5000
Double Joint Replacement (Knee/Elbow/Ankle/Hip/Shoulder) 9500