What is Gastroenterology? 

Gastroenterology is the surgery which is done for the treatment of digestion diseases. These diseases are related to body parts like Intestines, Gallbladder, Stomach, Liver & Pancreas. Gastrointestinal Surgery is basically done to remove cancerous tumour or other harmful growth in digestive system or repairing Hernia. This surgery is divided into two parts - first is Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, which includes the food pipe (oesophagus), stomach & duodenum. Whereas, Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery includes the surgical procedures of small intestines.

Advantages of Gastrointestinal Surgery

    ⁃    Gastrointestinal Surgical procedures become life saving for those who have their digestive disease for long time and don’t get any benefit neither from medicines nor from any treatment.

    ⁃    This surgery is done to remove colon cancer or other Gastrointestinal cancer.

    ⁃    Gastrointestinal Surgery is quite effective for Hernia and other Gallbladder diseases.

    ⁃    Gastrointestinal procedures are extremely helpful for repairing digestive organs.

Risks of Gastroenterology 

    ⁃    Bleeding could happen sometimes from the surgery cuts. It could take upto a long time to recover, depending on the surgery condition.

    ⁃    Pain & soreness after surgery could be there in recovery days.

    ⁃    Sometimes, Blood clots could hamper the blood circulation in blood vessels. Blood clots could form near the area of surgery. They could be responsible for bad blood circulation to Heart, Brain or Lungs.

    ⁃    The chance for infection is always there for any surgery. Surgeons need to be very critical and careful while going for any surgery.

Gastrointestinal Surgical Procedures 

Minimally Invasive GI Surgical Procedures

In Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures, a surgery is done with smaller incision and with the help of tiny video cameras. The surgeries take less time in comparison of Open Gastrointestinal Surgical Procedures and includes less pain during surgery. The chances for infections are also less in Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures. Overall time taken is less, therefore, a patient could leave sooner from the hospital & recovery is fast in comparison of Open GI Surgical Procedures.

Open GI Surgical Procedures

In Open GI Surgical Procedures, a surgeon needs to make a large incision to perform surgery. It includes Appendectomy, Abdominal Surgery, Adrenalectomy, Whipple Procedure.

Price Comparison of Gastrointestinal Surgery 

With no surprise, India is the most favourable country for Gastroenterology or Gastrointestinal Surgery. Largely due to quite low price in comparison of countries like US. In US, you’ve to pay between $40,000 - $50,000 for a stomach cancer surgery, whereas this cost is only $5,800 (average cost) if you choose India. The cost difference for other surgeries is also somewhere in same ratio.