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Best medical tourism company in India

Medical Tourism Destinations in the World


As health care prices in the United States rise, many citizens and people are constantly looking outside the country to provide quality health care.


In 2016, more than 11 million travelers left the American coast to search for different countries in order to access the medical care available. Recent reports from Visa and Oxford Economics indicate that over the next decade this figure will increase by 25% per year as the competition among medical tourists intensifies. It is the best medical tourism company in India.


Cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, orthopedic surgery procedures can now be offered in many countries at affordable and high-quality prices. Healthy Travel Media, listed as the "Cross Border Patient List", is the top 10 health tourism destinations in the world.


India : 

India is one of the main players in the health tourism industry as it seeks to provide medical services with modern technology. Healthcare in India saves 65% to 90% over the cost of similar services in the United States, making India one of the countries with the highest medical aid.


Patients become familiar not only with the quality and accessibility of medical care in India, but also with the beautiful landscapes and architecture of the Indian landscape. Medical trips to India provide travelers with health, pleasure and quality health care.


Many hospitals in India are accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Nominations for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) and the Joint Commission International (JCI). Some private hospitals in India now offer foreign patients hospitals, free Wi-Fi and medical services for individual chefs.


In addition, India has zero waiting time, as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed, an operation or intervention is performed quickly.



The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that Brazil has the best place to provide medical care in Latin America. There are 43 JCI accredited hospitals in Brazil and are proud of internationally renowned surgeons.


Brazil is the third-largest cosmetic and plastic surgery center in the United States and China for patients requiring these procedures. Brazil has the largest number of cosmetic and plastic surgery services available at affordable prices.


Florianopolis and São Paulo are two cities in Brazil, renowned for their advanced medical technology, medical advances and innovations.


Brazil is also popular for internationally renowned surgeons for patients with special procedures such as Brazilian lifting or other special services. Traveling from the United States will save up to 20% to 30% of their health if treated in Brazil.


Malaysia : 

Malaysia won first place in the International Medical Tourism magazine in the "Health and medical tourism of the year" category in 2015 and 2016. Malaysia is one of the best medical services in Southeast Asia.


Medical travelers traveling to Malaysia will save 65% to 80% of their healthcare costs compared to the loss in the United States.


Malaysia offers good comfort to patients with five-star rooms, which are more like a hotel suite than hospital beds. For example, the Prince Court Medical Center has indoor pools for hydrotherapy. Wonderful!


The Malaysian Health Care Travel Board (MHTC), which provides leisure and concierge services at Penang International Airports and at Kuala Lumpur Airports, from Malaysia to Malaysia.


Thailand :

Thailand is famous for its exceptional hospitality and exotic beaches. Due to the high number of hospitals in Southeast Asia, the number of hospital hospitals attracts a good number of healthy travelers each year.

Thailand is known for its advanced dental care, cosmetic and dermatological procedures. The Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok is one of the best hospitals in the world to provide medical care to more than 400,000 health care recipients each year with health care accreditation worldwide.


The rich culture and beauty of Thailand provide patients with individual restorative care, Thai massage, and other relaxation treatments. Medical care in Thailand saves 50% to 75% of the cost of medical care for similar services in the United States.


Turkey :

Turkey is a serious competitor in the medical tourism market. Turkey does not have timely, affordable and high-quality medical care. They are particularly involved in transplant surgery, radiotherapy.

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